Small Mixed Glass Pebbles

Small Mixed Colours Glass Pebbles 100g

Small Yellow Diamond

Small Yellow Diamond 100g

Small Yellow Diamond 1Kg

  • Small Glass Pebbles Yellow Iridised
  • 1Kg bag
  • 10 to 12mm Diameter
  • Quantity: 500 to 600 pebbles* (*Sold by weight; quantity of nuggets may vary)
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These small yellow glass pebbles iridised are the perfect way to add a luxurious and elegant touch to any project.

  • Description:¬†Really beautiful machine-made, coloured glass pebbles.
  • Use: An alternative to stone or granules. Ideal for terraces, gardens, fountains, fish tanks, mosaics, plant pots or table displays. The possibilities are endless. Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Features: See-through coloured glass in a large range of colours with almost endless weather resistance, Fantastic light refraction, Non-porous and they are easy to clean. Interior or exterior use.
  • Quality: Superb quality, high standard.

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from the picture as different settings on computers and monitors makes it difficult to show the exact colours.

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