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Sand: We have a very extensive range of coloured sands which can be used in a number of crafts. All are excellent quality and they come in great colours.

Glass Nuggets: Similarly our range of glass nuggets is very comprehensive.  Small, medium, large and extra large come in see-through or opaque and there are some great colours

Shaped Glass: Our range of shaped glass is as popular as ever. Hearts, moons, stars, leaves, starfish, fish, mushrooms etc. are always a surefire winner.

Crystal Balls: We also stock crystal balls, made from high-quality optical glass.  We even have coloured crystal balls, frosted crystal balls, cubes and pyramids.

Simmering Granules: Simmering granules and fragrance oils for oil burners remain a favourite with many of our customers.  So popular in fact, that we are happy to announce that we are going to start marketing our own range of granules.

New Products: As well as adding to our normal catalogue, we are offering a new range of giftware items every week.

Bulk Orders: Contact us (sales@glasspebbles.co.uk or 0114 321 6219) directly if you are looking to buy large quantities of sand and glass products.


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Next day delivery is available - please contact us for urgent orders

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