Welcome to Glass Pebbles - your supplier of decorative nuggetsheartsmoonsstarsleaves, or simply glass chips etc.

All glass decorative products you can think of. They will certainly add this extra sparkle to the event you're organizing.

Looking for something in particular? Just give us a call and we'll do our best to source this product for you. No project is too small for us!

We offer a wide range of coloured sand suitable for crafts projects, flower arrangements, fish tanks. All our sand is top quality.

We also specialize in crystal balls - we offer an amazing range of sizes. Our crystal balls are made from high quality optical glass. Apart from traditional clear ones you can also find coloured crystal balls or even frosted ones.

We also stock simmering granules and fragrance oils for oil burners, our range includes hundreds of references. Simmering granules are a fantastic alternative to Fragrance oils and will beautifully scent your home.

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