Green Sand 0.5mm 1Kg

Sand - Green - 0.5mm 1kg

Sand - Dark Grey - 0.5mm 1kg

Sand - Dark Grey - 0.5mm 1kg

Sand - Light Grey - 0.5mm 1kg

Grey Sand 1kg

For fundraising activities for schools and charities, ideal for photographic assignments, crafts, candles, events and exhibition decoration.

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Size Sand: 0.5mm (Similar to granulated sugar in texture)

Colour: Grey

Quantity: 1kg bag

Coverage: 1.5kg per Liter

Our grey coloured sand is perfect for any sand craft activity, great for parties, weddings or similar events.

Please note - colours may vary slightly as different settings in computers and monitors make it difficult to show the exact colours. Contact us if you need a sample or further information.

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