Small mixed Gemstone 1kg

XS - Xtra Small Gemstones 1Kg

M - Medium Gemstones 1Kg

A nice colourful blend of gemstone chips (approx 2cm) ideal for decoration of your table for all occasions: Wedding, Parties, Anniversary ... or a Romantic Diner. Perfect for fish tanks or craft use.
Each 1 kg pack.

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  • Description: Natural Chips Mixed Colours are truly beautiful.
  • Use: Alternative use instead of stone or granulat, for patches, terraces, artificial fountain, plants pots, table centre displays as the buildings lining the edge, as a decorative flat roof cover, as decorative mosaics design element in the interior and exterior, use in glass containers for interior design, for promotional purposes, event decorations.The possibilities are endless.
  • Features: Genuine semi-precious gemstone with a large range of colours available for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Quality: Superb quality, high standard for most use.
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