Royal Blue Cobbles

Ink Blue Glass Cobbles (2cm) 1Kg

Ink Blue Glass Cobbles (3cm) 1Kg

  • Glass Cobbles - Ink Blue
  • 1kg bag
  • Length: 30mm - Across: 20mm
  • Quantity: approx 70-80 pebbles*
    (*Sold by weight; quantity of nuggets may vary)
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Beautiful ink blue cobbles are great for indoor or outdoor projects, they will never fade and will look great in the garden for years.

  • Description: Really beautiful machine-made, coloured glass pebbles.
  • Use: An alternative to stone or granules. Ideal for terraces, gardens, fountains, fish tanks, mosaics, plant pots or table displays. The possibilities are endless. Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Features: See-through coloured glass in a large range of colours with almost endless weather resistance. Non-porous and it is easy to clean. Interior or exterior use.
  • Quality: Superb quality, high standard.

Please note colours may be slightly vary as it is difficult to take picture of glass pebbles, also different settings on computers and monitors makes it difficult to show the exact colours.

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