Amber Heart Glass Pebbles

Amber Glass Hearts 500g

Orange Glass Heart 500g

Orange Glass Hearts 500g

Green Glass Hearts 500g

Green glass hearts are perfect table decorations for all occasions: weddings, parties, anniversaries ... or a romantic dinner.

Packed in 500g bags (approx 30 hearts)

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Green Glass Hearts

Packed in 500g bags (approx 30 hearts)

Lenght : 3 cm
Width : 2.8 cm
Deep : 1.2 cm

Size & Quantity for information only, as these may vary slighly.

  • Description: Machine-made glass beads.
  • Use: Table displays, fish tanks, plant pots, promotions etc .... the possibilities are endless.
  • Features: Genuine see-through coloured glass with a large range of colours available, almost endless weather resistance.  Indoor or outdoor use.  Non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Quality: Superb quality, high standard.
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