Crystal Ball 250mm

Crystal Ball 250mm

28mm crystal Ball

Crystal Ball 27mm

Crystal Ball 300mm

Diameter 300mm crystal ball, perfect ornament or gift.

  • Our Crystal Balls are Optically Perfect K9 Crystal
  • No Bubbles, Distortions, Colour or Inclusions
  • Crystal has Flawless Clarity
  • Popular for Photography, Craft, Event and Home Deco
  • Stand Not Included
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Look into the future.........

A crystal ball with a diameter of 300mm, the perfect ornament or gift.

  • Our crystal balls are optically perfect K9 crystal.
  • No bubbles, distortions, colour or inclusions.
  • The crystal has a flawless clarity.
  • Popular for photography, craft, events, home decorations or seeing the future.
  • Stand Not Included.
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