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Mixed Colours Glass Hearts 500g

Red Glass Heart 500g

Red/Orange Glass Hearts 500g

Aqua Glass Heart 500g

Pack in 500g bag (approx 30 pcs)
Aqua Glass Heart are perfect for decoration of your table for all occasions: Wedding, Parties, Anniversary ... or a Romantic Diner.

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Pack in 500g bag (approx 30 hearts)

Lenght : 3 cm
Width : 3 cm
Deep : 1 cm

Size & Quantity for information only, as may vary slighly.

  • Description: Machine-made, flat glass beads also knowm as glass Pebbles or Nuggets. They are truly beautiful converging a fascinating light refraction.
  • Use: Alternative use instead of stone or granulat, for patches, terraces, artificial fountain, fish tank, plants pots, table centre displays, with display or sea-landscapes. as the buildings lining the edge, as a decorative flat roof cover, as decorative mosaics design element in the interior and exterior, use in glass containers for interior design, for promotional purposes, event decorations.The possibilities are endless.
  • Features Genuine see-throught coloured glass with a large range of colours available, almost endless weather resistance, even in the dry state, as opposed to stone products, with an absolute fascinating light refraction outdoor use, as it is non-porous, it is easy to clean.
  • Quality: Superb quality, high standard for most use.
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