Pyramid Glass Pebbles - Green 1Kg

Pyramid Glass Pebbles - Green 1Kg

Pyramid Glass Pebble - Yellow

Pyramid Glass Pebbles - Yellow 1Kg

Pyramid Glass Pebbles - White 1Kg

  • 5 great colours
  • 1kg bags
  • Approx 60 per Kg
  • 20-25mm x 20mm
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Pyramid Glass Pebbles - White 1kg

Glass pyramids or marbles with a difference. Heavier than marbles and patterned like marbles, but shaped in vague pyramid or cone shapes these pebbles won't roll away. They are made of glass and have the classic marble swirl. Brilliant for displays that you don't want to move. Great for fish tanks and they can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • They come in five great colours and are sold by colour or as a random mix.
  • Packed in 1 Kg bag.
  • You will get approximately 60 Swirl Colour Pyramid Glass Pebbles.
  • Dimension : approx. Base: 20-25mm - High: 20mm.
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