Pacific Blue Sand 0.2mm 1Kg

Sand - Pacific Blue - 0.2mm 1kg

Blue Sand 0.2mm

Sand - Blue - 0.2mm 1Kg

Sand - Fluorescent Blue - 0.2mm 1kg

Bright UV Reactive Fluorescent Blue Sand 0.2mm - 1kg

Great for schools and charities, ideal for crafts, events and exhibition decoration.  This fluorescent sand glows under UV light.

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Size Sand: 0.2mm (similar size to icing sugar)

Colour: Fluorescent Blue

Quantity: 1kg bag

Our extra fine grade fluorescent blue sand is perfect for any sand craft activity, great for parties, weddings or similar events. A beautiful dazzling bright sand.

This fluorescent sand is special - under UV light it glows in the dark, which makes it great for parties.  It can be mixed with paint or PVA glue for absolutely stunning effects with UV light.

Please note - colours may vary slightly as different settings in computers and monitors make it difficult to show the exact colours. Contact us if you need a sample or further information.


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