Clear Glass Heart (IR) 1kg

Clear Glass Hearts Iridised 1kg

Green Glass Heart 500g

Green Glass Hearts 500g

Amber Glass Hearts 500g

Amber glass hearts are perfect table decorations for all occasions: weddings, parties, anniversaries ... or a romantic dinner.

Packed in 500g bags (approx 30 hearts)

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Amber Glass Hearts

Packed in 500g bags (approx 30 hearts)

Lenght : 3 cm
Width : 2.8 cm
Deep : 1.2 cm

Size & Quantity for information only, as these may vary slighly.

  • Description: Machine-made glass beads.
  • Use: Table displays, fish tanks, plant pots, promotions etc .... the possibilities are endless.
  • Features: Genuine see-through coloured glass with a large range of colours available, almost endless weather resistance.  Indoor or outdoor use.  Non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Quality: Superb quality, high standard.
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